Lillie's Handmade Soap

A Bismark Straight Razor

Swedish carbon steel, the Bismark Straight Razor features a full hallow ground blade measuring at 5/8".  This razor is made from world-famous Solingen steel and is supported by a lush wooden handle.  It also features 24k gold etching in its blade with gold trimming on its spine and handles, adding an extra touch of luxury to this high-grade product.  Comes with a stand, leather sheath, and a The Art of Shaving book

About Shaving Supplies

We have the largest supply of high quality shaving products from all over the world! Bringing you the best frm Spain, Italy, America, and Turkey.  Our products are the highest quality at an affordable price.  Long lasting, our shaving products will save you money and reduce waste in landfills.  

Our shave soaps, creams, pre shaves, and after splashes, and after blams are natural and high quality.  This is the best shave you will ever have! Never irritate your skin again or get razor rash!


$250.00 per item.