Lillie's Handmade Soap

C Sandalwood Shaving Soap

What a great combination, this one is enjoyed by all.

About Shaving Supplies

Shave soaps are all natural.  This is the best shave you will ever have.  These are made to last twice as long as a can of shaving cream and don't ever need after-shave lotions or balms.  The oils naturally do that for you!  We start with French clay which is what makes it last so long.  Then for lubrication we use Castor oil.  For the lather we use goats milk which is a super rich white creamy lather packed with vitamin E which is great for the skin.  We make 10 different flavors and it doesn't matter how sensitive your skin is, our shaving soaps will not irritate or give you razor rash!


  • Whether you're shaving your head, face, underarms, bikini area, legs or anywhere else on your body, the closest and most comfortable shave always begins with thoroughly softened hair. Only water will soften hair, and a couple of minutes of hot water works best. Then, wash well with any of our soaps to clean your skin and remove dead cells. Rinse
  • Next build up a creamy lather with a shaving brush, using one of our shave soaps, cover the shaving area with suds.
  • With a clean, sharp razor, take short light strokes. Hold loose skin taut (unless you're prone to shaving bumps). Rinse the razor often. Shave a beard WITH the grain, not against it. Shave legs from ankles upwards.

The result will be an easy, smooth, and satisfying shave without razor burn or nicks. You probably won't need a post shave product because your skin will be soft and moisturized!

$11.99 per item.